a football phenomenon of Warsaw (1923-1939)

The Workers' Association of Physical Education "Star" (Stowarzyszenie Robotnicze Wychowania Fizycznego "Gwiazda") was established in 1923 and was associated with the Jewish left-wing party Poalej Syjon-Lewica. The Warsaw branch of "Star" was the most numerous among its namesakes in the Second Polish Republic. In 1928, it had 360 members. A year later, their number increased to 460, and in 1934, already 800 athletes belonged to the "Star". The leading discipline was football. In 1938, the club also had following sections: sports games, skiing, hockey, cycling, table tennis, and boxing. The latter was associated with one of the most popular sportsmen in Warsaw, Szapsel Rotholc, a middleweight boxer, who in 1938 won in Wrocław over the representative of Nazi Germany, Nikolas Obermauer, a few days after Kristallnacht - the pogrom of the Jewish community in Germany.

From 1924, "Star" belonged to the Warsaw District Football Association. They played at the stadium of friendly "Skra" at ul. Okopowa, near the Jewish cemetery. From 1929, “Star” appeared in class "A".

In the interwar period, the workers' clubs were at best limited to a strong position in what was then the A-class (one level lower than the National League). The exceptions were the Workers Footbal Club "Marymont" (Robotniczy Klub Sportowy "Marymont") (1929), Skra Warszawa (1930 and 1931) and the Workers' Association of Physical Education "Star" Warszawa (Stowarzyszenie Robotnicze Wychowania Fizycznego "Gwiazda") (1932 and 1934), which took part in the qualifying rounds for the higher games. The "Star" matches, especially with the Zionist Makabi Warsaw, were very popular. For many "A" clubs it was an opportunity to improve their budget.

English translation – Miłosz Gos